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英仙座流星群田园之旅 Perseid Meteor Shower Rural Tour (11~12/08/12)

英仙座流星群田园之旅       Perseid Meteor Shower Rural Tour (11~12/08/12)


8月11日晚,是英仙座流星群极大期的时候。适逢今年的英仙座流星群极盛期没有月光的干扰,也落在周末,Sunbright Services 和 Starfield Instruments Supply 因而联合主办一场为期2天1夜的英仙座流星群观赏活动。此流星群在极大期时,估计流星数可达每小时80颗左右,是每年度相当稳定的流星群。凡源自英仙座的辐射点的流星,就是英仙座流星群。




In every August, there is a sky event should not be missed by astronomy enthusiasts and casual meteor chasers. This is the meteor shower called Perseid Meteor Shower, radianting from constellation of Perseus. Perseids is a top 3 famous meteor shower that with consistent appearance of meteors. Non-season observers are addicted to watch Perseids due to its bright meteors and the consistency. During the peak, zenith hourly rate (ZHR) of Perseids is expected up to 80 meteors.

This year, the peak of Perseids falls on 12 August morning. In order to enjoy Perseids, we are organizing a 2-day-1-night watch at Janda Baik on 11 August. The trip is open to anyone who has interest in Perseid Meteor Shower as well as other wonders of the universe.

We don’t need special equipment to view meteors but naked eye. However, a safe and darker environment with open clear view of sky is necessary to “count” and catch meteors. We will show our participants of direction of Perseids and celestial objects such as star clusters and nebulae of summer sky through telescopes. Well prepare yourself hot beverage, comfortable reclining chairs or mat and a wish-list to attend the Perseid meteor shower.

A meteor, merely a streak of light, is shooting from any part of the sky. Therefore, a better or remote site with darker sky is very important and crucial for stargazing and meteor watch. Participants are encouraged to bring along the equipment for sky treasures, if any. For instance, a pair of decent binoculars, such as 7×50, is an ideal optic to hunt for clusters that positioned in Milky Way band. We’ll show you “how-to”.


日期  Date:     11 ~ 12 / 08 / 12 (Sat~Sun)

时间  Time:    11/8 2.00pm ~ 12/8 12.00pm

地点  Venue: 古法有机农场 New Era Organic Farm, Janda Baik

费用  Fee:      RM 130 / pax (4 years old & above)

配套包括  Package includes:

–       1 night stay at Dormitory (Long House) (Mattress, Blanket and Pillow are provided) (Separate by
Male & Female)

–       2 Meals (Dinner & Breakfast) (Vegetarian food is served and no meat allowed)

–       Guided Activities: Jungle Trekking, Star Briefing, Stargazing with Telescope

–       Handout

活动重点  Activity highlights:

  • “How to view Perseids” and “basic astrophotography” presentations
  • Summer sky exploration
  • Perseid meteor shower watch


–       Vegetarian food is served and allowed in the Farm (required by the Farm owner)

–       Transport is responsible by participants

–       Bring own toilet paper, hair and body shampoo

–       Accommodation is dormitory (10 ~ 14 pax per unit) type

–      Shared toilet or bathroom is provided, without water heater

–      Hot & cold water dispenser is provided

–      Camping is allowed (with own tent)

–      Participant is required to prepare own tableware for meals and drink (required by the Farm owner)

截止日期 Dateline: 14 / 07 / 12


报名 Registration:

Sunbright Services  (Pooi Hang)   012-2208921 /

Starfield Instruments Supply (SuFen)   012-2991378 /

Registration Form

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